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F. A. Kamp Vintage Flooring Sign

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F. .A. Kamp Flooring Co. do not have a lot of direct articles written about them, but they are in magazines and newspapers from 1930 to the 1950s. Notably in 1932 they were chosen to supply the flooring for the State Government building in Columbus, Ohio (now the home of the Ohio Supreme Court)! They also were listed as a retailer in Newsweek and other publications in 1950s ads for a produced marketed as noise dampening flooring to help combat doctor and nurse fatigue.

I have a feeling “the oldest in the business” and “our only location” on this sign refers to customers being confused when very similarly named “Kamp Flooring” opened in Newport, Kentucky in 1948. Love the gentle shade!

Now on to the sign maker. This was signed by Gus Holthaus, who started the Holthaus side of @holthauslacknersigns in 1929 that still is in business today. If you’ve lived in or driven through Cincinnati you’ve seen countless signs made by Holthaus Lackner Signs (@madtreebrewing @reds @graeters @rhinegeist to name just a few!) and I love that they’re made by a local company for local businesses!