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Buckeye Pottery Pitcher and Mugs

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Imagine cozying up to a fire on a cold day with five of your closest friends with a pitcher of hot chocolate and warming up drinking out of one of these 1920s mugs!  Or drinking some beer on a hot summer day?  Either way these mugs are just what you need.

These most likely date back to the 1920s.  Buckeye Pottery was started in 1882 by Joseph Pech and his sons.  Joseph was born in Austria and learned the art of pottery there. While Buckeye Pottery was formed in Illinois, it was named after Ohio because that is where Joseph first settled in the United State.  Buckeye Pottery was mostly known for its crocks until 1919 when most of the factory burned down. Buckeye rebuilt and started expanding its offerings, including pitchers and mugs. The company eventually closed in 1938.  Thanks to the Western Illinois Museum for this info!


Mugs: Diameter: 3.25' Height: 4.25"
Pitcher: Diamater: 6" Height: 7.25"